Checklist: Ideas for Music Festival Fashion Attire

What to wear to festivals this summer?

It’s a serious question — you definitely want to look your best when surrounded by the throngs of music fans checking out each others style, but the possibilities can seem endless! Because it’s getting into peak summer music festival season, we at Moxi Girls Diary thought we should breakdown a simple checklist of outfits and accessories that you’ll want to consider. We’re going to follow up with a few posts in the future that breakdown some specific options in these categories, too.

#1 – Your Moxi Blu Swimsuit

We’d call this the “base” of your attire — your swimsuit! Summer festivals get notoriously steamy so going in a suit is really the ideal. Of course there are plenty of options to pick from, but we’d recommend the Highline Bikini Top combo  for a two piece option or the Caged Galaxy Tankini.

#2 – Shorts or Skirt

Maybe the weather gets on the chilly side or you don’t really want to completely dress for the beach. In this case it’s great to bring along your favorite pair of color compatible shorts (denim never fails, though, does it?) or alternately a swim skirt or — our fave — a beautiful patterned sarong!

#3 – Hat and…Flower Crown?

Yes, it’s gonna be hot out there all day in the sun! So a hat is a necessity and also another cool opportunity to accessorize. The big question is, are cowboy hats still in fashion or not for music festivals? We’ve heard mixed opinions, but that look is always a summer festival staple. Anyway, there are plenty of sun hat options to explore and also, if you want to connect with your inner hippie, you can add a flower crown to the mix. Pick your own the morning before the show!

#4 – Shades

We LOVE sunglasses! Not only because there’s nothing more cool and stylish than the perfect pair of shades, but they allow you to gawk at any cute guy you want for as LONG as you want without anyone knowing. And checking out guys is at least as much a reason to go to the festival as the music is…right?

#5 – Jewelry

Nothing too big and clunky (that could drive you crazy around hour seven) and nothing metallic (that heats up in the sun until it leaves a first-degree burn) but the right necklace and earrings can subtly bring your entire look together. OR! You can go the crazy route and just wear the most colorful and outrageous items you can find. Whatever expresses your personality best.

#6 – Footwear

Okay Moxi Girls, only two ways to go with this one. Sneakers or sandals? Make your pick!

#7 – Bag

We haven’t even gotten into what you should BRING to the festival, but you’ll definitely need a bag to carry all your items. Just keep it close, keep it safe and keep it stylish! Our big piece of advice, other than coordinating those colors carefully, is to use the smallest bag possible and one with a zipper. You don’t want to worry when you’re jumping up and down and losing your mind during the headliner!