Moxi Blu in Walmart June 1st and The Annoying Online Thing

Moxi Girls, we have news!

First of all, we have a bunch of hot new designs available online and you can check them all out here at our Collection page. We are especially loving the high waist bikinis, swimdress and the bikini top with underwire.  

But… there’s more!

We are super proud to announce that Walmart is picking up our designs for in-store shopping starting on June 1st – just in time for peak beach season to start rocking. Finally there’s a major retailer that is offering cool, hip, on-trend curvy swimwear designs in their actual store!

This is a crazy moment for the whole plus size and body positive fashion world. Our model Barbie Ferreira caused a huge stir this year when she proudly put her real curves on display and then the whole amazing Ashley Graham Sports Illustrated cover happened too. Maybe some of us just care about style, no matter what body type it’s for, and think the body positive movement can make people forget about the actual fashion involved sometimes, but whatever. We gotta say that it’s so inspirational to see the world changing and becoming more accepting of all people. It’s like a real revolution happening in fashion. Things are getting better.

For example, we’ve heard online shopping complaints from our Moxi Girls and we’ve experienced it too – we call it “The Annoying Online Thing.”

The Annoying Online Thing is when you are FORCED to buy your swimsuit online because they don’t carry your size in the store or don’t even have the brand because it’s for plus size. So you deal with it and you order something, but then the size isn’t right. Or, the color looks weird and way different from how it looked on your phone. And you’re pissed because you shouldn’t have to deal with the The Annoying Online Thing at all, you should just be able to go buy a swimsuit in the store like everybody else.

So, maybe June 1st is the beginning of the end of The Annoying Online Thing… wouldn’t that be nice?

Slay On, Moxi Girls