Our Top Ten Best Beach Songs for 2016 Playlist

The summer is here Moxi Girls. That means it’s time to find your beach, find your suit and find your beach songs for the summer of 2016! We thought we’d put together a playlist of our top ten best beach songs for the summer. It’s a mix of new and old pop and dance music that’s perfect whether you’re lounging at home in the yard, at the pool or rocking out at the beach with friends. Either play these from YouTube below or find the songs at iTunes, Tidal or Spotify, turn the volume WAY up and get the party started! Trust us, your friends will thank you. Let the countdown begin…

10. Yoncé – Beyoncé

Like the rest of the universe we have been losing our pretty little minds over Lemonade but when it comes to getting the party started, Bey’s self-titled 2014 album Beyoncé is still our jam. She drips with sexy attitude on “Yoncé” and the heavy bass is sure to let everyone on the beach understand that the queen has arrived – that would be you!


9. Heartbeats – The Knife

You may not know the  Swedish band The Knife by name, but you’ve probably heard their underground dance party hit “Heartbeats” somewhere – and if this is your first time, enjoy! This song sounds like it could have been released yesterday, but it’s from all the way back in 2003 and has been the source of infinite sweaty house parties ever since. We also recommend this track for those times when it’s late at night and you’re hanging out with that special guy and want to seal the deal – we find that it’s pretty great for hooking up!


8. No  Meghan Trainor

And speaking of that special guy, well, maybe he isn’t so special and your time is better spent hanging with your girls and soaking in the sun! Let the boys come to you. But if they aren’t up to your standards and won’t leave you alone with their stupid come-ons just turn Ms. Trainor up a little bit louder, give them a wave, lick your lips, swing your hips and say, “No.”


7. Work (ft Drake) – Rihanna

Whew! A party ain’t a party without a good dose of RiRi and “Work” almost always helps us work up sweat. This song is so laid back and sexy and you can just imagine chilling on the beaches of RiRi’s home country of Barbados – or grinding away at the crazy dancehall club in this scorching video. Someone get us a fan!


6. I’m Still In Love With You – Sean Paul

Here we’re going from a new song to an old one but sticking with a Caribbean mood! Sean Paul’s big album from 2004 Dutty Rock had a ton of huge dance hits but this one has a cool relaxed, romantic reggae vibe that makes us think of summer even when it’s freezing out! It’s kinda sweet, right? Also perfect for nodding your head and watching the waves roll in. Every playlist needs a song like this to catch your breath and chill out a little.


5. Make Me Like You – Gwen Stefani

And we’re back to 2016 with one of our favorite pop songs of this year – this mega comeback hit for the always classic and cool Gwen Stefani. Seriously, she has been a true role model for girls since the 90s! It’s crazy. We’re glad that she’s back and over her breakup who whats-his-name and is OBVIOUSLY over the moon with her new BF Blake Shelton. Do your thing Gwen! By the way, did you know this video was recorded live? She is so talented!


4. Raspberry Beret – Prince

Honestly, we didn’t know that much of Prince’s music other than “Purple Rain” before he died but now that we’ve been listening to more of his stuff it’s obvious why everyone is so sad about his death – and now we’re sad too! But he seems like a person who above all would want people to have a great time and enjoy his music together. His stuff is only on iTunes and Tidal, fyi, if you’re building your playlist, but definitely include this incredibly fun and sweet song “Raspberry Beret”! Prince and his audience are having SO. MUCH. FUN. together in this video and it makes us feel happy and sad at the same time to watch and know how special he was for so many years.


3. Hideaway – Kiesza

CLASSIC! No matter where we are, when the beat hits on this modern dance classic from Kiesza we want to get up and show off our best club moves. Plus we think this video shot in one take in hipper than hip Brooklyn is the coolest! Seriously Moxi Girls, try not to dance to this!


2. Countdown – Beyoncé

Does Bey “still love the way he talks” and “wears that chain”? Will she “do anything for that boy”? Ha ha. Lemonade has us all wondering. He better not have cheated on her, is all we’re saying. We could probably just do a top ten of all Beyoncé here and it’d be just as amazing, but diversity is good, right? Anyway, you can feel how happy she was in this song and when we hear this we feel it too, like we could just float away on a cloud of Bey! LOL. 


1. Cake By The Ocean – DNCE

Well… we couldn’t resist! Plus this song is catchy as hell. “Keep on hopin'” all summer!!!