Fashion Photographer Charlyne Thorn is a Moxi Girl

It’s been such an amazing summer for Moxi Blu and we hate to see it end. Thank you to all the Moxi Girls who have represented for affordable fast fashion plus size swim!

One of the best parts of spreading the Moxi gospel this summer has been sharing the fun sexy photos of our models. We have Charlyne Thorn, our fashion photographer, to thank for the awesome images and she recently sat down with us to talk about what it means to be a Moxi Girl, photography, fashion and inspiration.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Geneva, Switzerland. I lived for two years in California and then moved to New York.

What makes you a Moxi Girl?

Considered “plus size” myself, I am happy to be able to collaborate with a brand that isn’t afraid to show our curves on the beach! Self-confidence is sometimes hard to have, especially when you’re not conforming to the standard of society. Gladly some attitudes are changing. Feeling sexy and modern on the beach is the ultimo challenge.

How did you get into photography?

 I traveled a lot and I’ve always been excited about discovering new cultures. Photography has been a way for me to communicate my experiences and emotions. It’s a way of sharing. Then, I went to school for it and discovered all the others options I had. I became really interested in beauty and glamour shots.

Who and what inspires your work and style?

 Joey L. and Steve McCurry for documentary. I become very emotional when looking at their work. Sue Bryce more recently is a real inspiration as a person, and also her work because she mostly helps women discovering or rediscovering their full beauty. Marilyn Minter for her close up lips series that I would love to have in my apartments! And finally Russel James knows how to capture sexiness!

For any girl who dreams of being a fashion photographer, what advice would you give them on starting out?

 Follow your dream and always add a part of you in the shoot. Fashion photography is becoming much more open to creativity, so just go for it!

How was working  with the Moxi team on the photoshoot?

We had fun! The girls were confidant and we were all on the same page. I love working with a team where everybody is excited. It’s all positive energy.

The moxi girls fashion photographer charlyne thorn sits down for an interview

Would you wear Moxi and if so, which suits are your favorite and why?

Absolutely! I like the collection because of the high waist bottom piece. I especially like the all floral one piece and bikini because of the original crop on the top.

As a curvy Moxi Girl yourself, what is your life motto?

Be confident and always look for the positive.

What fashion lines do you love and why?

I love lingerie and I am a fan of what Ashley Graham did at the New York fashion week 2015. Her collection was great!

Where can we see more of your work?

You can go on my website and my instagram @charlynethornphotography!