Plus Size Swim Size Chart

Due to popular demand…we present the Moxi Blu Plus Size Swim Size Chart!

We have been getting lots of questions about the 1x to 4x sizing used for the Moxi Blu designs featured online. It can definitely be confusing if you aren’t used to that sizing system, so we figured we would put an end to the confusion right here and now! After you’ve picked out the Moxi Blu design or designs that are right for you, just take a peek at out chart to make sure you’re getting the right fit. We good, Moxi Girls? Good.

And remember that, though our designs are available exclusively online right now, we will be in actual Walmart stores June 1st so get ready to round up your girlfriends and go swimsuit shopping for the best and most affordable plus size designs out there…Moxi Blu!

Slay on Moxi Girls…